"Fantastic !"

- James Brown

“Perhaps the biggest surprise (when visiting American at Reykjavik Jazz Festival) was a late-night set from the Icelandic retro-funk group Jaguar. This seven-piece ensemble nailed the late- 60s sound of James Browns´ JBs, and its energy made a marked distance from the source irrelevant."

- Aaron Cohen, Down Beat magazine (Feb 2004).

“Jaguar are all about the music, its as simple as that. if you are still in the dark then you are one of the few. More and more people are starting to find out what this band is about.”

- Fiona Mckinson, London Extra 26 August-1 Sept 2004

"Wild disco funk with a slight retro allure"

- Blues & Soul Magazine

"One of the best funk records I have heard this year is "Battle of Funk" by Jaguar"

- Keb Darge, Kay-Dee Records

"Super tight, super heavy"

- Kenny Dope, Masters at Work

"The Jaguar 12" has been at the front of my box for the past few months"

- Snowboy, Chili Funk Records / Grand Slam Magazine

" The best track on here is "Sumargydjan" which starts off nice and mellow and then PWOARHH kicks in and rocks it half way through"

- Mad Mats, Raw Fusion Recordings

"Iceland's Blaxpolitation style funk combo's fine debut release"

- Time Out Magazine, London

“Album of the Month…. Sitting down simply isn’t an option”

- Reykjavik Grapevine

"Proof that there is more to Iceland than just Bjork...... Jaguar are funk music with a message"

-Dazed and Confused